360 Wire - Face Time: Our Parting Shot

Interview with 360 Wire

As the sun begins to come up, the ribs, turkey and chicken go down on the smoker racks. The briskets have been bathing in the essence of hickory since the night before. A beer truck is being unloaded in the parking lot, and the kitchen staff is mixing up giant portions of the day’s potato salad. Jason George savors this rare 70-degree summer morning, but we’re pretty sure the man would look cool even if it were 110 outside. As pitmaster at Angelo’s Barbecue in Fort Worth, working in heat — and smoke — is something he has been doing since he can remember. Angelo’s turned 60 this year, and 40-year-old Jason is now in charge after the death of his father late last year. Oh, he has made a few changes. Chopped and sliced brisket still rule and the sauces and seasonings remain the same, but pulled pork tacos and loaded baked potatoes are now a thing at Angelo’s. Jason still stokes the fireboxes with hickory. Does he chop the wood himself? Nah. He leaves that to someone else; he’s got a lot of other things to do . 2533 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth.


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